Jay Yarbrough

Shoulders of Giants - an album of not yet completed cover songs by songwriters I admire.

I And I - Written by Bob Dylan

Youngstown - Written by Bruce Springsteen

Social Disease - Written by Elton John



Mumbo is a new collaboration with Daryl Ropp (of The Mind). Working together whenever possible, new songs will be available as they happen.

North American Bunkbird - Written by Jay Yarbrough


The Mind

First Pouring of The Mind cassette cover


Believe In It - Written by Jay Yarbrough

Greed Crime - Written by Jay Yarbrough, Kevin Mrak and Daryl Ropp

Integrity - Written by Daryl Ropp, Jay Yarbrough and Kevin Mrak

Mirrored View of You - Written by Mike Hartkopf, Jay Yarbrough and Gavin Wilson



Writings On The Wall - Written by Ben Huntley, Andrew Schultz, Larry Prestia and Jay Yarbrough