On The Fly Word Creation by Gerald W. Yarbrough

We all lead a life of seriousness and reality,
But we also live a life of fun and goofiness.


My awesome father was a Master at making up words on the fly.

Out of nowhere he would let go and out would fly a silly and highly creative word that would suit his thought.

Jay Yarbrough 2010It always fit what he was saying.
It always made us laugh,
'cept I would focus in on it and digest its creative weight.

I would see it's artistry.
I would remember it.

The thing was, was.., I also prided myself on being able to make up words on the fly. The apple falling.., the tree.., you know.., that old chestnut.

Yet here he was ~ in his element ~
Lettin' 'em fly.


Speaking to his wife:
"Honey.., can I get a new glass? This has some makawkis in it..."

We laughed!

It did have some kind of crap on the inside of the glass.

CCN Makawkis - Chief MakawkisI immediately threw it back at him:
"Are you sure that's makawkis or is it narwhallness?"

He was like.., "huh?".

We laughed and he saw I was appreciating his new word and we laughed.

At that moment I decided I would create some kind of Photoshop to take the joke/art a bit farther.

A spoof CNN story about the Makawkis Tribe preserving their heritage and Chief Makawkis being interviewed.




Those who focus on art see these little gems while those who don't, yet who create.., don't often see the brilliance.

See the brilliance around you.





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