A Gavin "Gig" Wilson Memory

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It was a Saturday morning in 2001 and I was living in Hollywood, CA. Noticing my cat Lexie was out of food, I ran out to the small boutique pet food store at the foot of the Hollywood Hills.

After gathering Lexie's favorite food, I was walking around a corner aisle, trying not to drop any cans when I clumsily bumped into a man walking in the opposite direction...

William ShatnerIt was William Shatner!

We were face-to-face and made very close eye contact. Instinctively I apologized and he mumbled a polite but somewhat annoyed "pardon me".

I made my way to the counter and, as I stood there paying for the cat food I was thinking, "That was Captain James T. Kirk!"

Later that evening my phone rang and it was my best friend Gig calling from Michigan. We caught up on each others lives and then I remembGavin Wilson drinking beerered my encounter earlier in the day.

I said, "Oh Gavman, I gotta tell you something. This morning I was at the pet food store and bumped into this guy. We were face to face and I noticed his eyes were totally blood shot."

Gig said, "Yeah, so?"

I said, "It was William Shatner!!"

Without missing a beat, Gig said:

"What.., too many Romulan Ales at the bridge last night?!"

Classic Gavin Wilson wit.

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