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Recordings from recent and long ago.

Jay Yarbrough

Jay-Yarbrough-I-and-II And I

{mp3}i_and_i-jay_yarbrough{/mp3}I And IPlay Audio


Recording of Bob Dylan's "I And I" from his Infidels album. Recorded in my home studio, Largo, Florida, 2009.

I've always loved this song and when I decided to record some songs by my hero's, this was a logical choice.

Vocals, arrangement, all instruments and engineering by Jay Yarbrough.



{rddl}i_and_i-jay_yarbrough{/rddl}YoungstownPlay Audio

My version of Bruce Springsteen's song "Youngstown" from the Ghost of Tom Joad album. Strings, keyboards, backing vocals and sound effects done using my Roland GR-20 guitar synthesizer.

Recorded in my home studio, Largo, Florida, 2009.
Vocals, arrangement, all instruments and engineering by Jay Yarbrough.

jay-yarbrough-social-diseaseSocial Disease

{rddl}jay-yarbrough-social-disease.mp3{/rddl}Social DiseasePlay Audio

This is a quick cover I did of Elton John's song "Social Disease" from his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. It's rough but it's honest.

Recorded in my home studio, Largo, Florida, 2009.
Vocals, arrangement, all instruments and engineering by Jay Yarbrough.


jay-yarbrough-bring-her-home-from-seasideBring Her Home From Seaside


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There once was a girl I met online who was very intriguing. We spoke almost every night. She lived in Seaside, Oregon and I lived in Hollywood, California. This song was born from that inspiration. It was written one weekend and recorded the following weekend. I never met her and one day she just disappeared, never to communicate again.

Recorded in my home studio, N. Hollywood, California, 2002.
Vocals, arrangement, all instruments and engineering by Jay Yarbrough.


jay-yarbrough-curse-of-the-bad-luck-ladyCurse of The Bad Luck Lady


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This was a test recording to see how my home studio would sound.The song was written while living in Boston back in 1997.

Recorded in N. Hollywood, California, 2003.
Vocals, arrangement, all instruments and engineering by Jay Yarbrough.

Jay Yarbrough Chimney Burn Poker CoverChimney Burn Poker


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In May of 1995, the World Championship of Poker was held at the infamous Chimney Burn Athletic Club situated along the fly fishing holy waters of the Au Sable River in northern Michigan.

Created from using samples from a home video I shot on one of my families father & son fishing trips.


jay-yarbrough-chimney-burn-pokerBackground music "Sweet Thing" by Mick Jagger and ??.
Recorded and engineered in 1995-1996 by Jay Yarbrough.




jay-yarbrough-ballad-of-mr-blackThe Ballad of Mr Black


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Hanging out with my friend Brett Robinson one night (and getting over served), I pushed him into jamming and recording a song ~ on the fly. This recording was done in one take and was 100% impromptu. There was no practice (I bet you can tell!). Yeah, it's rough but I think it has magic.

Brett Robinson - vocals and lyrics
Jay Yarbrough - guitars and over-dubbed instruments

Recorded in my home studio, N. Hollywood, California, 2004. Engineering by Jay Yarbrough.




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Back in 1984 I borrowed my brothers Sony reel-to-reel tape recorder that had the most amazing built in tape delay ~ like the Roland Space Echo. I bought the tape you see to the left and started recording. What I came up with is "Time".

Recorded in 1984 by Jay Yarbrough.


The Mind

First_Pouring_of_The_Mind_cassette_coverThese are four songs from "First Pouring of The Mind".

The Mind:
Jay Yarbrough - Lead vocals and guitars
Daryl Ropp - Bass and vocals
Kevin Mrak - Drums

TheMindRecorded in 1992 at the Tempermill recording studio, Detroit, MI.
Engineered by Geoff Michael



Believe In It


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I wrote this song back in 1984 but it was never properly played or recorded until Daryl and Kevin came along. Daryl added the harmony in the chorus which gave it fresh life.

Track 1 of "First Pouring of The Mind".
Music and lyrics by Jay Yarbrough

Greed Crime


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This song was originally created with only Kevin and I jamming. Later we introduced it to Daryl who then wrote his bass lines. The lyrics were written within about a month but weren't easy. Writing the verse, "It's only the trees..." was a religious experience for me.

Track 2 of "First Pouring of The Mind".
Music and lyrics by Jay Yarbrough



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Daryl had written this bass line and when I heard him play it, I jumped all over it. It had such a great groove. Daryl and I originally had a drummer who played this song with more of a straight ahead rock rhythm. I enjoyed the way we used to play it but it wasn't until Kevin joined the band that it came to life. I love how raw this recording is.

Track 3 of "First Pouring of The Mind".
Music by The Mind
Lyrics by Jay Yarbrough

Mirrored View of You


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This song has a long history. Back in about 1985 Mike, Gavin and I were jamming and Mike started playing this bass line. Both Gavin and I loved it and added our parts. There are a bunch of old recordings of this song with us playing it. When The Mind was put together I wanted to see how it would work and of course Daryl and Kevin gave it their own feel and it came out very powerful and aggressive. The lyrics took about 10 years to finalize. Klas Lonnemo was also featured on the earlier recordings adding his fat rhythm guitar.

Track 4 of "First Pouring of The Mind".
Music by Mike Hartkopf, Jay Yarbrough, Gavin Wilson, Daryl Ropp, Kevin Mrak
Lyrics by Jay Yarbrough

Mike Hartkopf, Jay and Gavin Wilson

Mike Hartkopf, Gavin Wilson and Klas Lonnemo

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The Mind - The System's Ready - Hamramck, MI 1992

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This video was from the October 31, 1992 performance at Lili's21 in Hamtramck, MI.

What a crazy night it was! Talk about technical difficulties. That was the night I had forgotton the power adapter that ran my outboard effects and our awesome friend Gavin Wilson jumped in his car and drove 100 mph the 35 miles back to the old farm house to get it. He was the best friend a guy could have. My microphone wasn't working for 2/3 of the set, either. I was happy to just get out alive.{qtube vid:=rew-4R3vkjU}

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The United Individuals of America

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The United States of America

United states. Multiple states united as one. A group of many states banded together as one. Unity. Well, maybe so but, what about its people?

Yesterday I returned from my first trip to the Philippines and it has been culture shock. Yes ~ it was culture shock arriving in the Philippines, but it's also been culture shock returning to my home country.

In the Philippines it's all about family and friends. You rarely see Filipinos alone, they're usually in groups laughing and enjoying each others company. At dinner, lunch, shopping, whatever. They're always hanging on each other and taking care of each other. Children are sometimes born at hospitals but more commonly at home where the whole family is gathered to greet the newest member of the family. Children are raised not only by their parents, but also by their siblings, cousins, nieces & nephews, aunts, uncles, grand parents, neighbors and friends. Therefore, people are very social and comfortable touching each other. It is very common to see two guys in their 20's walking along with their arms over each others shoulders.

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New Allegre Classical Guitar

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The other day I went to Lapu Lapu on Mactan Island in the Cebu area of the Philippines and visited the Allegre (uh-leg-gree) guitar factory/store. My hope was to find a good classical guitar I could enjoy while visiting this fascinating country and.., success!

Allegre Classical Guitar

The model is C-1 and cost me 9,000 Philippine Pesos (about $193 USD).

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Traveling To The Philippines - Time to Zen

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Jay TravelsOn June 15 I began my journey to the Philippines, and it has been wrought with ups & downs and has already begun to change my life.., just like I knew it would. This is my first blog entry on how it has gone. Hope you enjoy!

5 days before my trip began I had an appointment with my chiropractor. My lower butt had been hurting quite a bit and had begun to worry me. Also, my sciatica nerve was flaring up badly. Talk about ideal conditions for a 26 hour journey! I had two alignments before I left on Tuesday, June 15 and my chiropractor gave me an ominous look and said, "Good luck."

At around 12 noon I boarded a US Airways flight to S. Carolina with a connecting flight to Los Angeles, CA. From there I was to have a 4 hour layover before boarding my flight on Philippine Airlines to Manila. When traveling, we always hope for an uneventful experience, but of course that wasn't going to happen...

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